130 Years and Counting

The Florida Bankers Association is pleased and proud to recognize the milestone of 130 years. However, just as banks serve as the lifeblood of their communities, they are the lifeblood of the FBA and there would be no successes, no accomplishments, no anniversaries, no association without the active involvement of members.

FBA’s membership is as diverse as the state of Florida; it includes banks and wealth management companies of all sizes—small, regional and large institutions—that together employ tens of thousands Floridians, safeguard more than $500 billion in deposits and extend more than $135 billion in loans.

Established in 1888, the FBA is one of Florida’s oldest trade associations. For 130 years, it has served as the voice of Florida’s banking industry. Its members have brought the association every step of the way and deserve to be recognized. Here’s to the next 130 years!